The Arts


​The Arts department at Elanora State High School gives students an opportunity to be creative across the 5 subjects of Dance, Drama, Media (photography and film), Music and Visual Art.  

Students are encouraged to discover their own style, to create works that represent what they are passionate about and enjoy the experience along the way. 

This page is dedicated to the amazing works of our dedicated and hardworking students as they embark on their own artistic journeys.


 Year 12 Visual Arts Showcase

Image 1: Happy Pills

Artist Statement

Mental illness is more prevalent than ever before, affecting every 1 in 5 Australians between the ages of 15 to 85 in any year. Happy Pills, explores the cultural and personal relationship between mental illness and medication, highlighting the realities of mental health treatment and recovery in the modern world. Happy Pills  is a 58 x 37cm coloured pencil sketch of a young woman laying her head on a dinner plate with pills scattered across it, accompanied by a pill bottle and cutlery beside her. The woman’s face is illuminated by heavily saturated red and blue toned lights, creating both a physical and metaphorical juxtaposition between the internal and external struggles of mental illness. The use of shadow in my artwork constructs a sense of depth, conveying the feeling of heaviness and melancholy associated with depression and anxiety.

Image 2: The light that shines through

Artist Statement

The human form is utilised to illustrate the human condition and the basic underlying dichotomy of human nature is conveyed through the intricately cut silhouettes contained within. Depicting the dichotomy of the human conditions through external influences and stimulus. With carefully cut and layered silhouettes placed inside a light box with the final human form placed on top. Depicting the innocence and corruption; the natural and manmade; and the progression and connection between. Paper was used as the medium to represent the fragility of the line between the two opposing sides. The two sides connect and merge changing from one to the other. 

Image 3: Reflections 2020

Artist Statement

Inspired by observing disconnection in modern society, and how mind numbing this can be; hence use of dark, neutral tones and pulling down the eyes. 

My first major work, Reflections consisted of acrylic paint and string on canvas, discusses themes of connections to self in regard to identity and emotion; a concept that is deeply neglected in modern society. Through the creative process of work 1 inspiration was drawn from Contemporary artist Emilio Villaliba’s use of emotion and fragmented painting style to convey ideas of identity. Techniques of string embroidered in repetitive geometric sequences was utilised to physically represent these connections. The choice of colour, white, strongly contrasted against the deep neutral tones of the painting and photographs further re-instating and glorifying the importance of connection to self.

Image 4: Guiding Light

Artist Statement

Guiding Light depicts a lone lighthouse, its light shining bright through the dark clouds and murky pillars.  The work uses both a personal and contemporary context, talking of finding a way through troubled times and hardships.  Communicating that through dark times when things are uncertain and the truth is distorted, to escape you need to find a light to guide you through the night. The visual language allows the audience to see the lighthouse as the guiding and saving light it represents.  

Image 5: Watching Time

Artist Statement

Watching time explores the universal concept of time and how it passes. The work was drawn on a textured surface with charcoal to represent the bumps and shifts in time along with its fleeting nature. Everyone as humans, has a timeframe to live and it can run out. Asking audiences to reflect and consider their use of time. However, it is not just people’s time that runs out, but the planet that is on a time frame. Humans are speeding the world’s timeframe up at an alarming rate.  

Last reviewed 02 August 2022
Last updated 02 August 2022