Senior Secondary


Preparation for the senior school starts in Year 10. Students are encouraged to explore the options available and to consider what subject areas they want to experience in preparation for future study in Year 11 and 12.

Students in Year 10 receive detailed information about senior subjects and information nights are held regarding course availability and choices.

In the senior school, students must study a minimum of six subjects. This must include a Maths and an English subject. Students will choose from either ATAR or Personalised or VET pathway in their senior years of schooling.

Some things to consider when selecting subjects:

·         What are my plans for the future?

·         Which subjects are necessary or best to help me achieve my goals?

·         Can I be successful in those subjects?

·         Which subjects do I enjoy the most?

·         Am I keeping my options open so I can change my mind about what I want to do in the future?

·         Which subjects will let me maintain a balance between study and leisure time?

·         Which subjects will help me develop skills in areas that interest me?

·         Which subjects will help me better understand the world and my role as an adult in it?

Senior Pathways

ATAR Pathway

This pathway is for high achieving academic students on a definite university pathway.

Students must:

  • Select 6 ATAR subjects
  • Meet subject prerequisites
  • Have A's and B's with no more than one C
  • Consider a move to 5 subjects for Unit 3 and 4
  • Be progressing towards university.

 * Students may apply to include a Diploma as the sixth subject.


Personalised Pathway

This pathway is for students considering university, or wishing for a university pathway, but do not meet the ATAR            pathway pre-requisites.


·         Can only select up to 3 ATAR subjects with 2 additional applied subjects.

·         Must be enrolled in a Diploma or a Certificate III.

·         Must meet subject prerequisites

·         Be a C average student.

·         Are looking to have alternative entry to university.

Griffith University Alternative Entry Courses -

Southern Cross University Pathways -

VET Pathway

This pathway is for students who definitely do not want a university pathway and plan to enter further training or work after school.


·         Can only select Essential or Applied subjects.

·         Must use their VETiS Funding to complete a Certificate II

·         Should be enrolled in a School Based Apprenticeship and Traineeship.

·         Would be expected to enter full-time / part time work or VET Training post school.

Department of Small Business and Training VETiS Information -


Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA)

This pathway recognises the achievements of students who are on individualised learning programs. The certificate is an official record that students have completed at least 12 years of education, and provides students with a summary of their skills and knowledge that they can present to employers and training providers.

Students considering this pathway must consult with the Head of Special Education Services.

Last reviewed 09 March 2021
Last updated 09 March 2021