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​​The HUB

The HUB can be a very lively sector of the school. This is where students and teachers can come for lessons, borrow books and resources, get class sets of textbooks for a lesson or to hire out text books for themselves and get IT support.

Morning tea and lunch times are constantly busy with students coming in to work on assignments or do some research. In addition to this we get many requests from teachers and students concerning IT problems as this is where the school’s IT Technician is based.

We can accommodate up to three classes in The HUB at any one time during the day, depending on size of class. Every lesson from Monday through to Thursday has Independent students from Years 11 and 12 doing their studies as well. R07 which is located in The HUB is also an Audio-Visual room which can be used for presentations, screenings or meetings.

The HUB staff are as follows:

HOD of eLearning/IT

Mr Adam Quirk

Library Teacher Aide/Text Hire Administrator

Ms Chelsea Baguley ​

IT Technician

Mr Michael Quaine
Mr Geoff Donahoo

Opening times 

Our opening times are 7:30 am to 3:05 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Fridays are 8:30 am to 1:10 pm, Sports​ day and the “Earning and Learning” day for our senior students.

The HUB is also open on Tuesday afternoon until 4:00 pm for Math tutorials and Thursday afternoon until 4:00 pm for English tutorials with our teachers (​tutorials need to be organised with teachers prior to the day). Any students wishing to use computers after school on these days are welcome. We are very open to students needing to use our facilities after hours if they require it.

Resources and equipment

There is a range of resources and equipment available for borrowing from The HUB. Library resources include an extensive amount of fiction, senior fiction and non-fiction books to borrow and reference books to peruse. Our school’s text books are housed in The HUB. Students that enter the Resource Hire Scheme come to collect their textbooks from here.

The equipment we have available for hire includes Digital, SLR and Video cameras along with tripods to use for classes, assignments or for presentations. All these items need to be booked well in advance, so they are ready for use when required. We also have USBs for short term use.

Students must always bring their ID cards to school every day to print their work and to borrow anything from The HUB.

Last reviewed 09 June 2023
Last updated 09 June 2023