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​ Caio, Brazil (International Student for 2016)

Hey guys, I’m Caio, I'm 17, Brazilian and I studied at Elanora High on 2016.

I know what you are wondering just now. You are completely nervous and confused. Right now, you are hoping that everyone likes you and that. At the end of the day, you get that so expected warming-welcome hug from all of your new friends. You have high expectations and you made a promise to yourself: that you are going to try everything “they” offer you. Although, you are so overwhelmed with the new language and the strange place that you feel anxious every time you are about to speak or do something you haven’t done before. Well, it wasn’t different to me. Since the beginning, I had only positive thoughts and I could only hope for the best for me. Everything was really exciting. I also had my difficulties but facing my fears helped made me a lot more self-confident. I realized that you are the only person responsible for your successes. My only advice to you is: don’t prevent yourself to do things either because you are scared or you feel shy. The whole point of doing an exchange is to learn more about yourself, to test your limits and break barriers you never faced before.
All your struggles will be the best memories in the end.
To my old friends, teachers and the Homestay coordinator - a hug.
And I really hope you all have a wonderful time in Australia.
With love, from your favorite curly hair student,

Yohana, Brazil
From all the time I've been in Straya, everything was amazing and intense. You just get to know yourself in a better way, and also a bunch of people that you are sure, since the day one, that they will be your family and will live the most wonderful memories you'll ever have. I'm glad to be part of the Elanora family! Despite the location, that in my opinion was the best, because you are in the middle of everything, our school have the best people that you can count on! The Homestay coordinator and Ms Harrold are the two people that you a 100% can talk to and ask for help in any situation. Be grateful for being in this community and have these people around you! And make the most of your time over this country, because the days pass by in blink of eye, and you will miss this more than your own home! I guarantee you! Enjoy mates! I wish I could be in your position right now!

Lisa, Germany
An exchange means a lot. Living far away from your family and friends, missing mum’s food or even the things like tradition. But if you are open minded you will find that in Australia in another way. A way u will love. With the Homestay coordinator u have a friend on your side. Whatever is on your mind she will find the right way to solve it you only have to be honest. Okay the food is better in my country, I am sorry Straya, but you can show your new friends what makes your country so special. Your classmates will be happy to learn something about your county. Especially in hospitality. So enjoy your stay in Straya and be welcoming to Homestay coordinator because she can help you with everything.

Alice, Brazil
My name is Alice, I'm Brazilian, and I studied at Elanora SHS in 2016. Doubtless I made the best choice both for school, and city. Gold Coast is a wonderful place, enjoy and explore every Beach, park, restaurants, and all the good that the Gold Coast has to offer. In exchange we go through difficulties, but it is with them that we learn, and we improve as a person, and of course, can count on the Homestay Coordinator, she will always be available to help. Good luck to the new students, enjoy!

Stella, Italy
They say home is where your heart is but it's almost a year I left Australia, the country I reckon is the best in the world, the one I love too much and that offered me an amazing experience.

I stayed in Australia for 9 months, and the Gold Coast (the city where I was placed) is probably the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Elanora School was the school I was attending during my exchange and gave me the opportunity to meet lots of new friends and of course to improve English.

At Elanora I studied and at the same time I learnt lots of new things through the entertaining lessons as for example music, hospitality or surf class.

To the ones who are reading this text, I hope you’ll have the same opportunity as the one I had and if you're going to do an exchange in Australia, I would say you should attend Elanora School because it has the best organisation and if u need some help, everyone (especially the coordinator) will take care of u.

Eduardo, Brazil

What I loved in my exchange program was the trip to Tangalooma Island, it was beautiful and super fun - it was the best.  The support that the school provided was a big and important thing during my time in OZ. I also loved the surf too!

Pedro, Brazil

What can I say about my time in Elanora? It was just the best time of my life surrounded with friends from all over the world, Italy Germany, Brazil, and of course Australia everyone is extremely kind and gentle with each other. Classes were amazing I got to do Visual Arts (the best subject) and Soccer which I really love. I also had a really good time surfing every Friday with my international mates. Together with fun I learned a lot I believe this is how I can describe my unforgettable days in Elanora and Aussie Life Style!!

Gabriela, Brazil

It was really hard for me when I arrived in Australia, especially because I was late, school already had started and people already knew each other……but I was told that things were going to get better, and it did!! I got to know so many people from many different countries, new friendships, new places….. And I started to love it! I enjoyed so much, I experienced so many great things and I have so many good memories from ‘Straya’ that it made it so hard leave. It has become my second home!

Manoela, Brazil

My experience in Elanora was amazing, and I am so grateful for everything I had learned during my exchange. I can describe my program as the best thing I've already done in my whole life. I had so much fun, but at the same time I grew up and learned so many things I will use for the rest of my life.  In special, I appreciate the Homestay coordinator's dedication and her love in what she does and my so lovely host family.

I wish I could go back.

Richard, Brazil

Hello new students, my name is Richard and it’s already been two years that I went to the Gold Coast and this city is still in my mind all day. I started my life after my exchange, so I am saying to you guys: enjoy every moment, take care of yourself, obey the rules and respect everybody. Make the most of your host family and your new friends who will become not your best friends, but brother’s for life. For example I met some Europeans in Australia and we met twice already in one year since I returned home. So enjoy your time, it will be the best time of your life.

Anna, Germany
Even though I’m back in Germany now for almost five months now I still think about Australia every day. I spent the best time of my life there during these three months and made heaps of new experiences. First of all I must day that I’m so glad I went to Elanora State High School. The teachers, my Australian class mates and all the International students were all very nice, so I felt welcomed straight away. If there were some problems or you just wanted to talk to someone you could always rely on the International Coordinator, also known as our “mum”.

Elanora SHS offers great subjects like Hospitality, Photography and Visual Art and there were some specials for the International students like the Surfing once a week and the trips to Brisbane and Byron Bay. I made friends with people from all over the world. I’m still in touch with now. After a few weeks Elanora felt like my new home and it was so hard to leave after the end of term. 3 months was definitely way to short. I can’t believe how fast it went over and I’m so thankful for the amazing time I was able to spend in Australia.

Without you the Homestay coordinator my whole journey wouldn’t have been possible to and it wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you for everything!!