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The Thin, Blue Line

You may at times notice a police car parked at the school – don’t panic!  This is a sign of our local constabulary proactively supporting our school and the community, by running programs where they engage positively with students.  Our Adopt-a-Cop, Senior Constable Dave Sammons, works with Senior Constable Kurt Foessel, who is our Police Beat Officer.  Senior Constable Lacey Christiaen also works with students and teachers in her role as Youth Engagement Officer.  The work predominantly done by these people is to provide education programs and establish constructive relationships with students—in order to promote positive social behaviours within the community.  This year they have run a number of programs, including the Booyar program, Challenge for Change and various student information sessions focusing on Cyber Safety and Drugs.


Master classes – Improving outcomes

ESHS has taken a proactive stance in our objective to improve the intellectual capacity of students.  One of the measures taken to facilitate this has been the provision of a series of Master classes that have been held after school in N Block this year.  Students have been targeted, based upon various data sources, including enrolment  in our ACE and extension programs, NAPLAN  and academic performance.  Using this data has enabled the creation of a Personalised Learning Program (PLP) to better enable these students to reach their potential.  These Master classes reflect the belief that strong skills in the areas of critical and creative thinking (in combination with excellent attendance) will lead to future academic success.  Six classes have already occurred this year, with another scheduled for Tuesday, Week 3 in Term 4.  Whilst Mighty Minds has facilitated some of these sessions, some of our teaching superstars have also made guest appearances, including  Mr Riordan, Ms Sterling and Mr Smith.  Feedback from teachers, students and parents has been very positive, which has secured these Master classes as a fixture  on our Calendar in 2015. Thanks goes to DP Shirley Booth for her work in establishing and overseeing this program to date.  Ms Sterling will assume the running of this program in Term 4, in her role as HOD Maths/G & T.  The next class has been scheduled for Tuesday 21st October.


Youth Mental Health First Aid Course

ESHS is hosting the widely respected Youth Mental Health First Aid Course (see attached flyer).  Confirmation of the times and dates of this free course are as follows:

  • Wednesday 12th November
  • Wednesday 19th November
  • Wednesday 26th November
  • Wednesday 3rd December


All of these sessions will start at 5.30pm and will conclude around 9pm (or a little earlier).  Please contact me via email to confirm your participation.

We can accommodate up to 16 participants, so if you know of any other people from the school or wider community who would be interested in this course, please forward my email address.  

For more information refer to the flyer attached under the 'related links' section.

Thanks very much for supporting this valuable program. I look forward to meeting you!

Warm regards,

Julianne Davies

HOD Junior Secondary