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Compassion City Project


Oscar Allen, Jack Hinsch, Rhiannon Bird and Gabrielle Schaefer had the pleasure of being involved in the Compassionate City Project.

9 issues were identified by the Gold Coast schools involved including (but not limited to): Poverty and homelessness, violence and bullying, mental health of young people and the environment.

The students representing Elanora SHS had to complete a 1 minute presentation on their compassionate city idea for making students aware of Domestic Violence at our school. This project will work in line with the Year 10 “Positive Relationships Day” on the 18th of August.

Part of the day allowed the students to see how other schools were progressing towards their goals, each school shared their presentations and ideas to make their school “more compassionate”. A lot of the day was focused on what does compassion actually mean?

 “Be the change you want to be in this world”
– Gandhi


Students were also lucky to meet Margaret Hepworth at her book launch of “The Gandhi Experiment”, she kindly donate a signed copy which will be placed in the library. She encouraged students to become more global citizens.

Whilst students for Gold Coast schools presented, ideas were taken one step further with selected students to present one idea to the mayor. Rhiannon Bird was lucky enough to be picked to be one of these four representatives. The representatives worked under pressure (half an hour) deliberating over what issue and possible solution they could bring to the mayor.

The representatives finally settled on the problem of homelessness and poverty focusing on young people, their idea was the ‘Friendly Fridge’. Local businesses donate food that is perfectly fine but would be thrown out as excess normally. The fridges are to start at schools on an afternoon and be run by students. Those who need it can take food and with each bit of food there will be information about where those in poverty or homelessness can find more help.

Rhiannon was in charge of writing and reading the conclusion speech to the Mayor:

“Mr Tate, we feel as a group that this initiative will change lives and we are ready to keep working towards this with you. We believe that generosity as a compassionate characteristic will help to empower young people and we invite you to help us. We thank you for listening and we wanted to open the door for a convocation. We also have a few Questions we would like to put to you. Do you believe homelessness and poverty amongst young people on the gold coast is an up and coming problem? Do you believe that this idea is possible? And if the answer to the previous two questions was yes will you have the courage to take this step towards a compassionate gold coast?”

No surprise the Mayor supported the project and we can only hope this idea will take more form and movement over the next few months.

Coming away from this experience we encourage everyone to work towards making a more compassionate home, school and community because if we all step in and do a little bit then something big will surely come from that.

Rhiannon Bird, Mrs Periott